The R4 Roller was built for a Lineman’s every day work in distribution & sub-stations.  It is ideal in this, very common environment of tree branches, house wires everywhere, narrow canopies and sub-stations.

This hybrid tool easily navigates hard to reach places on or near the ground, as well as the the top of utility poles or inside a sub-station. Where wires, transformers and other hazards would seem difficult to navigate, the R4 Roller easily maneuvers these obstacles and provides high resolution video.  The rugged design and method of rolling, skipping and flying makes it a breeze to use.


All R4 Robotics drones can utilize the ground station shown here.  This powerful unit provides teh following features:

  • HD Monitors provides the pilot with POV video for non line-of-sight navigation
  • Long range embedded aerial/antenna ensure long distances and strong signal that penetrates structures, forests and more
  • Transmission status indicator changes color (green/orange/red) eliminates range anxiety
  • Primary/secondary camera selection toggle switch
  • Input for FPV Goggles allows pilot the ultimate POV eperience while flying
  • Puch button record provides pilot with one-touch video recording capabilities
  • SD Card Slot provides video storage in a portable, universal format
  • Lighting selection/toggle switch allows user to switch between primary or optional lighting
  • Paddle controls provide ease of maneuverability
  • Camera panning wheel provides control of camera angle, independent of flight controls
  • Battery status meter informs you how much power remains