As the videos show, the R4 Roller is ideally suited to scale up the walls inside or outside or outside of tanks or silos. What is not directly evident is the transmission & receiver technologies developed by R4 Robotics for applications inside of metal tanks to deal with most of the intractable myriad RF reflections of the control and video signals.   In tanks with no human access, the signals can be repeated from /to an outside remote.


Our R4 Roller can be flown inside of extremely large holding tanks, transport tanks and more in extreme darkness! Our inspection drones can be flown from inside the tank or outside. With various camera options, you can check for leaks, structural defects, weaknesses and more.


The unique design of the R4 Roller models allow the drone to approach a target rolling on the floor or any flat surface.  Additionally, the roller’s structure also serves as a protective cage, providing protection for the drone and allowing for inspections in tight quarters or up vertical surfaces, with no fear of collision.