Unmanned aerial solutions for specialized needs, such as flying and transmitting inside of metal tanks or special tactical approach systems for police are R4’s specialty.

Based in the United States as a division of a long-established robotics and vision systems company, R4 has the background and ability to partner with select universities and international suppliers to stay ahead of the curve with truly cutting edge systems.

R4 Robotics is the only company that has developed a tandem approach to aerial inspection solutions by providing options for both large scale operations where distance, height and wind resistance is a factor – as well as smaller applications in which the unmanned aerial solution must be able to maneuver in cramped spaces, while remaining unencumbered by hazards.


R4 Robotics is the first company to use the Northern Michigan Unmanned Aerial Systems Consortium (NMUASC) for an official FAA test flight of our aerial inspection drones.

In earlier pilot programs, R4 learned the hard way how difficult it was to fly within only a few inches of a utility pole or above a substation containing thousands of high voltage wires.  This is why a relationship with a testing facility such as teh NMUASC is so important.

Additionally, R4 Robotics has worked closely with colleges and collaborated with universities such as: