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R4 Industrial & Utility Aerial Inspection Packages

R4 Industrial Models: using proven Exabotix technology.

All industrial inspection drone models use hot swap gimbals, and are designed to use dual sensors with simultaneous dual down links in HD/SD.

All models feature Remote Zoom functionality and incorporate the latest Auto Pilot features.

R4 Hexa: Built for high & distant towers and 2 operators.

The pilot is supported in almost every function by on-board computers, GPS and gyros for position holds and wind & gusts.

The Line Inspector aims and zooms the live down-streamed High Definition Video camera, supported by the gyro stabilized gimbal. You know before you land.

Flight times can be up to 45 minutes and vary with heavier winds and multiple sensors (detailed inspections) or single sensor (longer storm recovery flights) pay-loads.

high tension inset high tension wires
bracket block
operator block
copter with cage
institute of illinois

R4 Roller: Built for a Lineman’s every day work in distribution & sub-stations

This hybrid tool gets to hard to reach places on or near the ground or the pole top or inside a sub-station.

At much lower cost, it still streams Standard Definition Video, allows the operator to optically zoom and within approx. 3 seconds, download High Resolution Still Pictures.

As with its big brother: You know before you land (or return). The rugged design and method of rolling, skipping and flying makes it a breeze to use.

It is ideal in this – very common – environment of house wires everywhere, narrow canopies and sub-stations.

tree block

controller package

The Ground Station for the R4 Hexa has one computer (right) for the decoding, display & recording of the HD Video downstream. It guides the Line-Inspector in pointing & zooming the camera and communication with the pilot if a different height, angle or distance are needed.

The second computer fuses the flight path with Google Earth and allows completely autonomous flight by setting way points. It can be changed in flight and many other steps programmed (turn angles, hover time, etc.). Proposed FAA regulation will not allow flight totally out of sight or totally out of control of the pilot before 2017. The system also records the GPS locations of the targets for later identification or databases.

controller with screen far
controller with screen near

The ground station for the R4 Roller combines the remote controller with the touch screen tablet. Flight control by touch screen alone will not be allowed for professional applications and is also not practical in harsher environments.

Visual visual inspection
IR inspection

Visual range, Near- and Long wave IR and UV Sensor packages have been co-developed with global utilities, universities and suppliers.

Visual range spectra can be shifted to highlight vegetation or better penetrate haze.

IR sensors are selected for the typical heat ranges of the inspection tasks and the need for overview or detail fields of view.

wind turbine

R4’s Hexa can fly today's higher and more powerful turbines and deliver the long distance Live HD video.

Active Thermal sensors are in development to help detect sub-surface delamination problems.

R4 Explosion Protected: using ATEX Zone 2 II 36 118 T internationally certified Xamen technologies.

Developed and certified for the Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries to scout in heightened danger zones (Zone 2) and avoid risk to life.

This drone is ATEX Zone 2 certified and incorporates many features, including a multitude of task specific sensors.

Check with R4 Robotics for current FAA regulations and waiver programs to get you started.

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West-Coast USA Representative -
SWAT & School Security:

Knowledge Saves Lives Inc
Central Europe -Representative:
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