Introducing the New R4: 4wheel Explorer – 80 Mbit/s Mesh Technology

R4 Robotics is revealing its new 4wheel Explorer for hard to reach places, in conjunction with a worldwide leading 80 Mbit/s Mesh Network which will maintain transmission under the worst RF conditions.  R4 is also pleased to announce its partnership with Unmanned Aerial Services of Canada for this specific application for underground mining

This 4wheel Explorer is ideal for use in underground mining or large buildings with extremely difficult RF transmission conditions – as the 80 Mbit/s Mesh Technology lets you stay connected!

The incredibly robust network  connects with any IP enabled  controller platform (such as the Explorer) or Sensor (such as the payload shown) bi-directionally.

  • Self Configuring – best routing
  • Self Healing – rerouting lost nodes
  • Scalable – #nodes, #clients
  • Frequency Agile – UHF – SHF

Ultra Low Latency HD video with latest H.265 codec

The remote controlled Explorer platform has separate front and rear navigation cameras with
switchable lights – independent of any payload. Its mounting plate and battery compartments
are configurable by application.

It is an ideal carrier for the 80 Mbit/s Mesh Node (IP based), which will easily transmit several
concurrent HD video – or data streams and still has ample bandwidth to control additional
equipment bi-directionally.

To download a an informational flyer about the R4 4wheel Explorer CLICK HERE.

The 4wheel Explorer or the 80 Mbit/s Mesh Technology can be used independent of each other, based on the application.


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